4 Must-Have Instagram Apps for Marketers

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Streamline Your Instagram Marketing

Instagram is rapidly becoming an essential social media platform for business. Take a look at these Instagram stats:

  • 700 million monthly active users
  • 65% of Top-Performing Instagram Posts Feature Products
  • In March 2017, over 120 million Instagrammers visited a website, got directions, called, emailed, or direct messaged to learn about a business based on an Instagram ad.

 Here are are 4 essential Instagram tools to to streamline your marketing efforts.


Automation: Fast and Convenient

 Built by industry experts, Schedugram is the only truly automated Instagram scheduling service.  You can schedule and queue your posts for the week/ month via the Schedugram website (desktop) and no further action is needed.  Other Instagram scheduling apps require you to manually hit a “post now” button on your phone for the post to go live.  

 This Melbourne-based company has developed a clever way to work with the Instagram app to streamline the posting process. “No sneaky business behind the scenes, just a lot of phones and some cutting-edge technology” Is what the company says.


  • Fully automated scheduling and queueing posts
  • Web upload for video and images
  • Online editing: crop, resize, add stickers and filters
  • Great for teams: allows multiple users and accounts

Download the free Social Media Editorial Calendar to give your social media marketing a power boost.

A Color Story

For Beautiful Images

It’s our go-to app for photo editing. A Color Story was voted best new app by Apple and has had over 4 million downloads at the time writing.  The app will give you fresh, colourful photos -  a perfect addition to your Instagram suite of apps.

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The free version comes with a range of filters and effects.  There are in-app purchase options for additional filters. The filters are stunning and well worth buying.   


  • Curves – a powerful setting to brighten and add contrast to your images
  • Image editing: an extensive range of editing tools to adjust your images
  • Filters – a wide selection of quality filters to ensure your images pop
  • Effects – subtle photographic effects that will make you look like a pro

 Give your photography a boost and download the app today.

Word Swag

Gorgeous graphics on your smartphone in minutes

Word Swag is a must for creating social media content on the run. Best of all, you need zero graphic design skills to use it.



  • Generates hundreds of thoughts, quotes and jokes
  • Access to a library of stock images
  • Custom typography layouts in a flash


If you’re using Instagram for business, you definitely need a hashtag strategy. Discover popular hashtags that relate to your business with this easy-to-use app.  Availabe for iPhone and Android.

We also recommend researching hashtags on the Instagram app to understand what your competitors are using.

Pro Tip: use approximately 11 hashtags that align with your content and post them into the first comment rather than in the caption. The first comment option stops your post from looking spammy and removes unwanted distraction from your message.

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