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Add Website to Google

“add website to google” is a popular search term.   Sometimes business with new websites are not sure how to add a website to google. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Ensure your Brand Name is Listed in Google Search Results

If you want your website to show in google when people search for your brand name, this is easy.  Ensure your privacy settings allow indexing and robot crawls and your site will appear in a week or so after launching.

Site Map

Ask your web designer to create an XML site map and submit this to google and Bing.  This lets the search engines know that your site exists.

Listing in Google for keyword searches

Ok, this is the tough bit. It takes time and effort to achieve google listings (rankings) for your website when people search for keywords relating to your business.  This website marketing practice is called search engine optimisation (or SEO) and has a whole industry dedicated to its practice.

Three Essential Search Engine Optimisation steps to begin your online marketing

Three Step Process to begin your Search Engine Optimisation

Define your target audience: who are the people searching for your products or services?

Competitor analysis: who is your competition (on the front page of google) and what keywords are they using?

Keyword Research:  using the keyword research tool described below, establish a list of words that relate to your business

We understand as a small business you may not have the budget to engage the services of a professional SEO company so here are 5 tips to get you on your way.

Keyword research

Keyword research lays the foundation for your online marketing efforts.  Google provides a free tool that’s easy to use and invaluable to your  ongoing website marketing. There are plenty of youtube videos dedicated to keyword tool tutorials.  Check out the one below

Once you have determined a list of keywords relating to your business, add these to a spreadsheet as you’ll use them on an ongoing basis.


I have a cooking school in Melbourne and the business needs more customers.  What keywords will drive visitors to my website?  After conducting my keyword research I determined the following keywords will bring

Page urls

It helps google (and therefore potential customers) to find your website if you use keywords to name your page urls.  For example:

My domain name is and I have created a website page url to optimise my keyword phrase “cooking classes in Melbourne” as follows:

Website Copy using keywords

It is important to include your keywords in your website copy.  This lets google know what your page is about so it can direct web traffic to your website.  Ensure your writing is clear and succinct.  Use short sentences and repeat your keyword phrase 3 or so times.

For example, use the keyword in a heading, the first paragraph and a subsequent paragraph.

Directory listings

An important part of your online marketing activity should be building links to your website from high quality websites.  Having other websites point at your site tells google that you are a trusted, popular site and will help boost your website in the search engine rankings.

List your site on industry related directories and local “yellow pages” type directories such as:

  • Google places for business
  • True Local
  • Hot Frog (Australia)

Google +

Google + is google answer to facebook.  It is important to have a Google + page because you can link it to your google places for business page.  Once you have signed up for Google +, add links from your website to your Google + news feed.  Google sees this as a link back to your website.

That’s all for our “add website to google” topic today.

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