App Review - IFTTT

Social Media Technology

This is one of my favourite Apps.  It is pure genius and easy to use.

IFTTT (stands for “If This Then That”) is a website and app that can automate many of the online tools and apps you use to run your life.  It even connects with physical products.  You can programme it to turn your lights on as your arrive home.

It is free to use and available for desktop, smartphones and tablets.

Through a simple formula (they call them “recipes”) you set a trigger to cause an action.

Automate social media posting

For example, IFTTT can automate your social media postings.  When you post on your WordPress blog this sends a trigger to IFTTT to send the post to your other social media sites. Very cool.

Important client alert

Would it be useful to receive a text message when you receive an email from an important client? This can be set up via IFTT.

There are hundreds of ways you can use it to streamline your life.

The video below shows you how. Enjoy!

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