Be Prepared for Google's Over Optimization Penalty

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How To Avoid Google’s Over Optimization Penalty Impacting Your Website

Website owners and web marketers are you ready for the much talked about penalties Google is about to introduce? SEO experts are not exactly certain which aspects of SEO will be penalised and when it will take place but it’s coming and soon. Here are a several tips that will help you avoid a Google slap.


Page Titles

Ensure your page titles look authentic, are easy to read and are not crammed with key words in an attempt to trick the search engines. Page titles are the “meta titles” stored at the top over every page of your website. This is visible when you look at the code of an individual page and in Google search results. Here’s an example

Bad Title: Women’s Designer Shoes – Bianca’s Boutique Designer Shoes London. Designer footwear London

Good Title: Bianca’s Boutique Selling the latest Designer Shoes in London

The second example includes the keyword “designer shoes”, the brand name and the geographic location without overstuffing the title with variation on the keyword phrase “designer shoes”.


Don’t fill your site with spammy content blocks filled with keywords. This is hard to read, looks unnatural to your website visitor and will likely be penalized by Google as SEO spam. Visitors will click off your page in droves. Keep content relevant, authentic and use headlines and bullet points to guide the visitor’s eyes down the page.  They will glean relevant information relating to the search term that has brought them to your site.


Ensure backlinks pointing to your site are not from penalty likely sources. Avoid at all costs link networking sites, SEO directories and reciprocal backlink programmes. Also be careful with forum links. It’s ok to do so as long as it looks natural and don’t use the same anchor text time and time again. Mix it up.

Pages Targeting Very Similar Key Words

Don’t have individual pages targeting very similar keywords when you can incorporated the keywords on the same page. Google will view this as SEO spam. For example Your website has 3 different pages optimising: “designer shoes” “designer shoes london” and “designer footwear”. These keyword phrases can all be incorporated on the one page.

The moral to the story is keep it authentic and natural to avoid Google’s over optimization penalty.

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